From our upcoming 30th Birthday Alumni Reunion Event to our Updated Mission Statement, a lot is going on around here! Keep on reading, giving us feedback, and getting involved by signing up to be a mentor!
Lacey and Aly

30th Birthday and Alumni Reunion 
by Lacey Strahm

Zeta Theta turned 30 this year so we’re celebrating! Please watch your emails for an invitation with event details once we get the logistics nailed down. Tentatively we are looking at Friday, May 3rd from 11am-2pm so mark your calendars in pencil and be on the lookout. This is shaping up to be an event you won’t want to miss!

DG Mentorship Program 
by Isabella Lajara

The Details:  DG Pro started off as a mentorship initiative created by Sophie Ishak in 2018, now, moving into its second year it's being spearheaded by Isabella Lajara to continue its success. She hopes to make DG Pro a cornerstone of our chapter that will remain long after she’s graduated. Sign up below!

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DG Thrift Shop
by Lacey Strahm

DG thrift - Friday April 5th from 12pm-5pm we will be hosting our semi-annual DG Thrift Shop, which supports the Sisters Helping Sisters fund. If you are NYC based and would like to stop by we would love to see you. As always you can donate whenever you want from wherever you are by venmoing the @sistershelpingsisters Venmo account. Look forward to pictures and a write up in the May issue!

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Updated Mission Statement
by Zehra Naqvi

The mission statement of DG Zeta Theta chapter is something that all of us hold dear to our hearts; it's something that we all strive to keep in mind as we navigate our undergraduate life and go into the real world.  Last month, President: Lacey Strahm, Director of E-Comm: Isabella Lajara, and Director of Dialogues: Darinelle Merced-Calderon updated the mission statement to be more inclusive and represent current member's interests.  We believe that the mission statement encapsulates the goals and ambitions of our members.



Big Little Reveal

by Asiya Jaffer

Delta Gamma Zeta Theta recently held their annual Big Little Reveal to celebrate the new lineages that have formed in the chapter. Delta Gamma hopes that these new big little pairs enhance both the new big and little’s experience in the chapter. 
The details: Held in the Sky Lounge of the Broadway Dorm, this year, Delta Gamma replicated the method of reveal used two years ago, whereby new bigs hid in large boxes with their respective new littles escorted to their big’s box. After a countdown from 3, the big jumped out and embraced their new little. Fun music and coordinated lineage outfits only added to this special event.

Looking ahead: We are so excited for these new relationships to flourish in the chapter. Delta Gamma prides itself on the intimacy of their big little pairs and the competence of each match. We hope that new members get to know all about the powerful women that preceded them in their legacy chain.

Closing: The sisters of Delta Gamma cannot wait to continue the growth of each individual legacy and look forward to this event every year. 





Founder's Day

by Antigone Ntagkounakis 

Earlier this month Zeta Theta members gathered with NYU delta gammas and alumni downtown for this year’s Founder’s Day celebration. Past and current members enjoyed brunch at Houston Hall, joined in celebrating our seniors other sisters’ academic achievements, and (of course!) took advantage of the Founder’s Day photo booth.


Spring Break: Around the World

By Amee Assad

Every year, many of our sisters bring back a piece of home to our sisters studying abroad during Spring Break. This break, some of us were lucky enough to stay with our sisters studying abroad in their new temporary homes!  

This semester, Delta Gamma sister Natalie Voll is studying abroad at Bocconi University in Milan. Sisters Pascale Bell and Amee Assad got a glimpse into her life across the Atlantic. Compared to New York, Natalie lives in a much spacier apartment, and in significantly warmer weather. But the highlight of studying abroad in Europe is her ability to experience a wide array of cities and cultures around her.   

While staying with Natalie in Milan, Delta Gamma sisters walked along the Naviglio Grande, scaled the Duomo roof, and most importantly ate delicious focaccia, pasta, and gelato. It was a week filled with good Italian carbs!  

From left to right:
1. Barcelona ft. Sophie Ishak and Katie Pfleger
2. Copenhagen ft. Nathalie Kahn, Rebecca Siqueiros, Alysha Hudson
3. Lindsey Burd, Eliza Cohen, Juliet Sloane, Neeva Shafiian, Hannah Russell, Asiya Jaffer, Sabrina Farahani
4. Claire Mildren, Claire Friou
5. Kate Garza, Sophia Howard
6. Ilana Woldenberg, Gabriella Salimpour
7. Ariel Fishman, Ava Adams
8. Lili Cohen, Wynnie Newton, Erin Mizraki, Klara Nedrelow

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Kristen Lewis

by Inbar Pe'er

Sister Spotlight goes to new member Kristen Lewis! She is a freshman planning on majoring in neuroscience. She skates for Skyliners Senior Synchronized ice-skating with team USA designation. Not only is Kristen crazy talented, but she is also one of the most genuine, understanding, humble, and kind people I know. She lights up every room she walks into and always has a huge warm smile on her face. Her talent astounds us and her sparkling personality makes us so feel so lucky that she joined our chapter this year. I’ve seen so many videos of her skating and I was lucky enough to finally get to ask her some questions about her incredible passion…

What is synchronized ice skating? In my opinion, it is the most underrated division of ice skating. Basically it’s sixteen girls all ice skating in unison. There are elements of freestyle which is like jumping and spinning, as well as ice dance and pairs which are both partnered forms of skating. There are also some more technical aspects like specific turns which are more difficult to distinguish to someone outside of the sport. Also, some elements are unique to synchronized skating because they require many skaters. There are certain formations, maneuvers and intersections that can only be done with a lot of people skating.

Where and when do you skate? 
During the week I skate by myself as needed to maintain my skillset in the mornings at Chelsea Piers. On the weekend I have team practice in Upstate NY and Connecticut for the majority of the day. How did you get into skating? I took learned to skate when I was five years old and I just fell in love with it. I took a bunch of tests to get into competitive skating and started competing in a bunch of different divisions when I was 8. I committed exclusively to synchronized skating when I was 13.

Why did you choose synchronized skating? 
I really loved the team environment and I felt that it would be the type of skating that gave me the most positive experience when I was competing. Skating is such a mental sport and being a part of the team really kept me skating. Being on a team helped be through a lot of academic and personal difficulties, it really is just so nice to have so much support.

How did you get on a team USA designated team? 
The top two teams for the organization I’d been skating for were team USA designated teams and I wanted to make the Junior line which is the younger line but I ended up making the senior line at 16 which was so exciting!

What’s it like being on the team?
It’s really cool! It’s super fun to go to international competitions and have the opportunity to qualify for Worlds. Last year was actually the first year myself and my team had ever qualified for the world championships which was a really big deal because we are a young team so it was super exciting! Worlds was in Stockholm and competing there was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. Being surrounded by such high performing athletes in such a beautiful country was just such an incredible experience. We also qualified again this year and I’m going to Finland to compete next week!

How do you balance skating with everything else in your life?
Actually it’s been a lot easier to balance things with my college schedule. In high school I could only skate in the morning or at night so it was difficult for me academically. Here I can pick my classes and the flexibility helps me balance everything. I’m always really busy but having a full schedule forces me to be productive which I like.

Why did you want to join DG and how has DG elevated your college experience? 
All throughout high school I had a very rigid competitive schedule and so I had a close knit athletic community but not an academic one. When I got to Columbia it was really important for me to find a community here to help me feel loved and supported on campus despite the fact that I am away so often. DG has been an incredible community that has really made me feel like I have a home here.


Kristen at Skyliners - FS Mozart Cup 2019