Graduation and summer are on the horizon... just a few more weeks until we're wrapping up!
- Lacey and Aly

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Zeta Theta turned 30 this year; so we’re celebrating! Everyone is welcome to attend and brunch is (my favorite price) free!


  Anchor Tag

     by Asiya Jaffer

Things got ROWDY on Columbia's Campus with the first-ever Anchor Tag, Delta Gamma's spring Philanthropy event. It was a campus-wide game of "Assassin" where Columbia & Barnard students attempted to eliminate their assigned targets by spraying them with water when they see them anywhere around campus. A separate subset of the DG Instagram was created to track the game and result, deemed “@dganchortag,” where fun videos of eliminations were featured, only adding to the allure and competitive aspect of the game. Whale water squirters were used as the main weapon in the game, in line with Delta Gamma’s anchor emblem. This fundraising event was highly interactive and inclusive, encouraging members of different Greek Life organizations to participate and have fun while supporting a great cause. Highlights include when Sydney Cluster, (Fr.) went into Sydney Weiner's (Sr.) Jazz Class to tag her out!

Anchor Tag Website

Anchor Tag Instagram

  by Celine Bacha

Our annual Initiation ceremony was held on April 13th to induct the newest members of Delta Gamma Zeta Theta. Director of Rituals, Caroline Kneely, our President, Lacey Strahm, and VP Programming, Jenny Zhu, are to thank for the beautiful ceremony as well as the reception that followed.

The Details:  Delta Gamma held Initiation in the Broadway Sky Lounge this year before heading over to the House to celebrate with a feast prepared by our president, Lacey. We heard the orations of some lovely letters written by all of the new members’ parents, and some alumni gave us all ~the feels~ by participating in the ceremony to induct our newest legacies in-person. Tears were shed, laughs were had, and we are so happy to officially introduce our new sisters! 

Looking ahead: We are so excited to see what our new sisters will do in the coming years and to have our first formal with them. Thanks to this newsletter, you will all be hearing about the wonderful initiatives that they will surely accomplish. 


DG Thrift
  By Inbar Pe'er


Our biannual fundraiser DG Thrift was held on April 5th to raise money for Sisters Helping Sisters, a need-based scholarship fund which goes directly to DGs who need financial assistance with their dues.

The details: A ton of clothes were collected from current DGs and organized into a mock Thrift Shop in the DG basement. We were able to make $1198 from selling the donated clothing all of which will go directly to the Sisters Helping Sisters fund. All of the clothing that was leftover from the event will be donated. VP Finance Hannah Russell and Phoebe Fry are to thank for organizing this important event that helps us make sure that DG is accessible to everyone regardless of their financial background. 

                                                                      By Amee Assad

With the 2018-2019 academic year coming to an end, the one event on all our graduating sisters’ minds is their upcoming graduation. The 2019 University Commencement ceremony will be held on Wednesday, May 22, 2019, on the Columbia University Morningside campus.


                                      DG Visual Impairment Program
                                                             By Zehra Naqvi

Background: Whilst the awareness of blindness within America and from DG’s perspective is taken into consideration, I, as the Director of Social Awareness, created a personal project along with Sehyr Bhattal to increase awareness about the breadth of visual impairment across the globe specifically in relation to socio-economic opportunity and racial bias.  

When launching DG Diversity: My goal has been to educate the chapter on issues that extend beyond the Columbia campus. I felt it was important that the chapter remained educated on the scope of visual impairment and how our money helps.  The presentation included a discussion on how blindness can develop, what it means to be visually impaired, the history of discrimination within visual impairment, and how we can help raise awareness amongst the community. 

                       Senior Formal Memories
                                                                   By Isobel Miles

Katie Pfleger: Formal at Gilded Lily last spring we had Artichoke pizza at the venue. I had two pieces of pizza, and then I slipped on a piece of pizza. 
Maya Carmosino: My favorite formal memory was last semester - I had such an amazing time with my best friends and got to enjoy the last DG event with my roomie and sister Meagan, she graduated in the Fall!
Sierra Bates: My favorite formal memories are not kosher lol

                               Carolina Gonzalez

                                                                 by Antigone Ntagkounakis

Carolina Gonzalez is a (very soon to be!) graduating senior member of Delta Gamma Zeta Theta. She is an English major with a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Art History at Barnard, where she is also the Editor in Chief of Hoot Magazine (Columbia and Barnard’s student-run fashion magazine, home to many DG contributors, editors, models, and more!) She has interned at several amazingly cool editorial, fashion and style-based companies, including Coveteur, Harper’s Bazaar, and ELLE. We asked Carolina a few questions about her time at Barnard and in Zeta Theta as well as some last words of advice for fellow DGs before she goes! 

How do you think your experience as a DG changed your experience in college?
This might be a cliche, but being a part of something bigger than myself really helped me forge a path to who I am. I was a little lost and confused for the first year and a half. And as much as I was active in school activities, it felt like I was still missing something from my college experience. I’m thankful that DG provided the supportive community I craved since the beginning. 

What are some of the biggest changes you’ve noticed in our chapter from your initiation as a new member to now?
The chapter has grown immensely in terms of awareness and accessibility. From when I joined two and a half years ago, the groundwork was being laid. It’s been an absolute honor and privilege to see this sorority embrace topics that are diverse, critical, and conscious. 

What are your plans for after college?!
LOL girl I wish I knew. We’ll see what happens, but I’ve got a good feeling. 

What’s the thing you’re most excited for after graduation?
Starting my career and applying everything I’ve learned at Barnard, DG, etc. in the real world! I’m filled to the brim with knowledge and friendships and I’m ready to carry them over into my next life stage. 

What’s the biggest piece of advice you’d want to leave for DG’s newest members? What should they keep in mind as they prepare for their future at Columbia/Barnard and in DG?

Embrace yourself and the community that surrounds you. Don’t be afraid to be who you are in any space! 

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