Our Chapter Mission Statement

Our members are strong, confident, powerful, intersectional feminists in a system that is far from perfect. We are lucky to be able to come together as a unified community that recognizes the shortcomings of the sorority system.


Our members engage with social issues, showing support for #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo, the LGBTQ+ community, the Jewish community, the Asian community, the Muslim community, the Latinx community, and other marginalized groups that are impacted by present conditions of society.


As an organization that comes from a historically privileged tradition, we acknowledge the many disparities in socioeconomic backgrounds within our sisterhood and the wider Columbia campus. Zeta Theta aims to provide support and visibility to all those impacted by financial burdens.

As a sisterhood, we strive to use our privilege and accessibility to New York City’s political landscape to learn and grow. We recognize that each individual in our chapter has a stake in the wider social conversation and that Zeta Theta has much to gain from our members’ lived experiences.

While Delta Gamma endeavors to work against oppressive gender stereotypes, sorority culture traditionally affirms constructs of conventional femininity and heteronormative assumptions. Taking that into consideration, Delta Gamma Zeta Theta seeks to further this conversation, utilizing our platform and acknowledging our responsibility as a visible organization on campus to give voice to important issues and empower our sisters to be agents of change.