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Bid Night 2019

Delta Gamma Zeta Theta recently held their annual “Bid Night” to celebrate the new sisters that have joined the chapter. VP Membership and senior Raina Wong along with all of EVC, including Bernadette Bradly, Beatriz Labadan, and Camila Solis are all to thank for the lovely new ladies who have joined our sisterhood.


The details: Held in Wein Hall, this year, Delta Gamma changed up tradition and celebrated Bid Night here initially before heading over to Alma to take pictures and teach the new sisters our chat. To keep with tradition, Hannahs were paired as usual with one or two new members. Snacks including Domino’s Pizza, chips, and beverages were provided as well.


Looking ahead: We are so excited about our new sisters in this chapter. We have a number of legacies who have joined, including Laura Romano and Julia Masch who are lucky to have big sisters and cousins to look up to within the chapter. We are looking forward to seeing the new relationships and experiences our sisters will forge with their Hannahs and new bigs which will be revealed next week.


Closing: The sisters of Delta Gamma cannot wait for their new members to be officially initiated in April and to get to know each and every one of them better.

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Lacey Strahm and the future of Zeta Theta

Meet Lacey: Lacey Strahm joined DG spring of 2017, served as Director of Social Events, Director of Funds, and now is the standing president of Zeta Theta. Lacey joined as a member of the soccer team and a busy Columbia student pursuing a career in technology law, but somehow found a way to make DG fit into her time here, and we’re glad she did.

When I asked Lacey what drew her to Zeta Theta in the first place, I was happy to hear the reasons so many other sisters often cite: Zeta Theta’s authenticity, passion, and a clear commitment to the issues we outline in our mission statement. Now, as president, Lacey is excited to build on those core elements of our chapter and commit to the holistic well-being of each and every member. Lacey put it perfectly: in this chapter, we have a hand-selected group of exceptional women from the already exceptional institutions of Barnard and Columbia. Within this group, we not only have the opportunity to expand one another’s horizons, but we can also highlight our strengths and passions. Here, we have access to some of the most intelligent, motivated, and committed women who are performing at the tops of their fields---whether in arts, academics, internships, or athletics--- as undergraduates. 


Lacey is excited to embrace Zeta Theta’s newest initiatives moving forward in order to highlight these strengths and support the well-roundedness of our sisters. We know Zeta Theta has already created an amazing generation of badass women dominating their own passions, careers, and more and Lacey is excited to foster an increasingly close relationship with our Zeta Theta alumni in order to continue this holistic growth and inspire current sisters to pursue their own interests, both inside and beyond the classroom.

Delta Gamma Zeta Theta Does Good with New Social Awareness Initiative

Delta Gamma Zeta Theta Chapter launched a brand new initiative focused on understanding, awareness, and responsibility.  A sophomore at CC, Zehra Naqvi, decided to revamp her position, Director of Social Awareness, into a position focused around diversity, activism, and discussion.


The details: each chapter, Zehra along with another sister will introduce and discuss global events, discriminatory practices, or personal anecdotes focused around a certain issue.  This semesters list of topics includes Colorism, Microaggressions, Socioeconomic Diversity, Sexual Health and Well Being, Cultural Appropriation, Tokenization, and Colonization.


Looking ahead: Sisters at DG’s Zeta Theta Chapter feel strongly about involving the rest of the Greek Life community in these initiatives; later on, in the spring, DG will be hosting a Period Packing Party. This event will allow all of Greek Life and the wider Columbia community to donate feminine hygiene projects; these products will be taken together donated to a homeless women’s shelter near campus. 


Closing: Though this initiative is in its beginning steps, all the sisters of Zeta Theta chapter hope to see it move forward and work towards advocacy, awareness, and diversity.

Meet the Members

Jordynn Lurie

by Issy Miles

Sister Spotlight goes to Jordynn Laurie! She is a Junior studying Biomedical Engineering. In addition to being on our chapter’s Honor Board, she is an incredible dancer involved both on campus and professionally. Though we are all obsessed with watching her dance her heart out at the World Salsa Championship (she won!!) over and over (our jaws still drop every time), it is her genuine humility, deep kindness and love for everyone, and undying optimism and enthusiasm that makes us so proud to have her in our chapter. I was lucky enough to interview her for all the deets…
Issy: Where and when do you dance? 
Jordynn: I dance with the campus dance troupes Onyx and Sabor (first Latina dance troupe at Columbia), as well as other random projects I somehow get myself involved in, but when I find a random hour or two in my schedule I love to take drop in classes at Steps! 
What can you tell us about So You Think You Can Dance?
So, I think I can tell you it’s a really cool show that I’ve been watching since I was a fetus and it would be even cooler if I could end up being part of it! Which may or may not happen, I honestly don’t know but it’s in the realm of possibility. 
How did you get into dance? (The brief backstory) 
I started as a gymnast and started dance classes to help with that, but turns out (yay ballet pun) I liked dance more!
Where do you like to study?
Anywhere but butler!
What are you working on right now?/Favorite class? 
Biopharma product development! 
What are you involved in on campus?
Besides DG, and the aforementioned dance groups, I’m part of Chowdah Sketch Comedy, Sci-Inspire, and Engineering Student Council!
How has living in the DG house affected your college experience?
From just being in the house all the time, I feel like I’ve gotten to know so many members I wouldn’t have gotten to otherwise. It’s also really nice to have an actual living room and a large TV. 
We’ll keep you updated to any So You Think You Can Dance news!




General Updates 

House corp pimped our crib and gave our basement a well-needed facelift! Now the space is used as a functional study space for group work, meetings, informal yoga classes, really anything 
























Sisterhood events are thriving! We had chic-fil-a super bowl watch party and Hollywood glammed out Grammy watch party.





DG has taken over HOOT behind the wonderful Carolina Gonzalez who sits as editor in chief of the magazine. Check out there latest edition here. https://issuu.com/hootmag/docs/hoot_fw18_






VP Programming Jenny Zhu doubles as editor in chief of Bwog so don’t worry bad press should be under control this semester.






Mina Mahmood reigns over the senior dominion as President of the class of 2019. Women in power is a common theme among DGs. Yes we are continuing on the legacy of excellence y’all paved the way for.