Formal Recruitment


Panhellenic Formal Recruitment at Columbia University is held at the beginning of the spring semester. Taking place over one weekend in January, potential new members are able to visit each Panhellenic sorority on campus.

The weekend itself is broken down into four days: Philanthropy Day, Development Day, Preference Night, and Bid Night. These few days are a chance for our chapter to meet each and every girl who goes through Recruitment and is one of the highlights of our entire DG calendar!


Check out our Recruitment Calendar for more information on 2021 Spring Recruitment!

Why DG?

"Because during Recruitment when Arden, our old VP Membership, announced “I’m sorry but our time with you all is up”, DG was the only room where I was truly sad to end my conversations;


Because of the mission statement, and the conscious and true effort DG Zeta Theta makes to carry it out;


Because when I look at the composite, while there may not be enough, I see some faces that look like mine;


Because the minute I joined members of every grade, college (gotta rep SEAS), and background made a conscious effort to welcome me with open arms. From immediately sending class files to setting up extra anchor dates just to get to know me;


Because of the relationships I’ve been able to form with people from all walks of life, giving me friends in places all over the world;


Because I’ve never met so many people that’s have my EXACT humor (I’m looking at you Isabella Lajara);


And, most importantly, because even when I’m hundreds of miles away from my family, I always find a home on the DG couch."


I definitely remember the nerves. And the exhaustion. It was the last night of rush, and my dress was completely soaked due to the downpour that occurred as I walked to the building. I panicked as I wrung out the moisture trapped in my outfit. What were they going to think of me? 


The doors opened to a room full of smiles and excitement. I was greeted by a familiar face, the member who I had spoken to on the first day of rush. Those feelings of nervousness and fatigue quickly dissolved as we began chatting. It felt like I had known her forever. By the end, following an emotional discussion which left us both in tears, I knew DG was where I belonged. I realized I had absolutely no reason to worry about any aspect of myself during the process; these women welcomed me with open arms regardless. 


Upon return to my Carman double, I rushed to group Facetime with my mom and three sisters, who were eager to hear about my experiences. I was beaming as I recounted the night. I told them all about Sydnee, the member who I had spoken to. 


Fast forward a few months, and Sydnee has become one of my best friends, as well as my “big” in the sorority. Her room in the DG house turned into a haven for me, as I’d regularly spend time there to vent, do homework, or just hangout. 


Through DG, I gained an entire support system, lifelong friendships, and some of my most cherished memories. I knew the second I entered the room that night that this is where I was meant to be. Looking back, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A Message from our VP Membership




Joining the Panhellenic Community, specifically joining Delta Gamma, has been one of the best decisions of my college career. Even though I understand Recruitment can seem like an intimidating process I assure you each person you will meet throughout it will give you the sense of home and community that you might have been missing before. 

After an exciting weekend of meeting dozens of intelligent, interesting, and driven women, I found my home in DG the Spring of my Freshman year. The moment I walked into the room and felt the energy and buzz of the Delta Gamma sisters, I knew these were the kind of genuine women who with moments of fun combined with meaningful conversations would push me to unlock my full potential. And they continue to do so to this day! 

​I am so excited that you are considering joining this wonderful community of fascinating women, and I am committed to making this process the most enjoyable it can be for you in order to help you find your home! 


There is no feeling like starting a conversation with a stranger only to find out that they are a Delta Gamma sister! 

DG Alumnae’s sponsorship and support has always been as invaluable as their friendship, and it is because of you that all of this continues to be possible! 

An exciting way to remain involved in DG for life is through recruitment, and I welcome you all to participate in our Formal Recruitment Process in any capacity. Filling out Recommendation Forms for potential new members is a great way to remain in contact with DG and also grow this amazing community. If you know any potential new members going through Recruitment at Columbia University, you may download a Recommendation Form on Delta Gamma’s Official Website at or email us at to receive a blank form. 


As previous Vice President Membership have said before me, Recruitment truly is my favorite part of being a Delta Gamma. The honor of bonding with the chapter while continuing our legacy is the best responsibility to be awarded. Every Spring we are reminded of the Delta Gamma values, and of our values of Leadership, Integrity and Compassion as a chapter, and I am incredibly privileged to lead the way this year. I cannot wait to share this experience with you, however it may present itself, and trust it will be as exciting as it has always been!